Royal Air Forces Association Belgian Branch

RAFA Belgian Branch

Who are we:   The Royal Air Forces Association - Belgian Branch

What are we:  The Belgian Branch of RAFA is one of the oldest in the Overseas Area.  However, given the passage of time, there is some confusion as to exactly when and how the branch was formed.  Documentation is conflicting in the detail. In a 1987 Newsletter, the Branch celebrated its 40th Birthday, however, another source, a formal Certificate presented to the Branch in 1996 celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  So, 1946 or 1947?  Either way we have been around for a while...

Where are we:  Based in Brussels, Belgium, caring for those residing in this area.
The RAFA Belgian Branch also works in close conjunction with other Belgian welfare organisations.

The Comet Line

The Comet Line (Le Réseau Comète) was a World War II resistance group in Belgium/France that helped Allied soldiers and airmen return to Britain.

The line started in Brussels where the men were fed, clothed and given false identity papers, before being hidden in attics or cellars.  A network of people then guided them south through occupied France into neutral Spain and home via British-controlled Gibraltar.

 The Brussels Royal British Legion

The RBL is well renown for its assistance to ex-Serviceman and women and is UK's leading Armed Forces charity.  The Brussels branch provides Welfare for a number of ex servicemen and women who are in need of varying levels of support, including hospital and home visits, as well as financial assistance.

RAF personnel on parade


RBL logo (courtesy of RBL)